We are 6 days away from International Women’s Day the theme this year is “Choose to Challenge”. The theme resonates with me on various levels. I  believe that we are constantly faced with choice. We have the choice to take action or remain passive. We always have a choice. We may not see it that way and circumstances around us may be overwhelming and confusing. Yet we still have choice. If you are fortunate to know what it is to recognise and exercise choice in every aspect of your life then I am happy for you. Hold on to it. It is precious. If you feel like you don’t have choice where your life is at the moment, or perhaps you feel that you have choice in some aspects and not in others, then here’s a simple exercise to try. 

  1. Take the simplest thought that comes to mind. I’ve going to use this  simple thought to illustrate my point. As I type this I get a text from a friend. I see it pop up on my phone. I am now faced with a choice.
  2. Stop what I am doing and read it or carry on working on this blog I want to publish today. I have choice.
  3. What behaviour does it result in? I can stop what I’m doing and read the text, yet again I am faced with a choice. Do I reply or carry on with my original task of writing this blog? You see where I am going with this?
  4. If I allow myself to focus on the text and carry on a conversation, I am most probably going to forget about the blog and lose the motivation to write.
  5. Come evening I will be annoyed with myself for not completing and publishing this blog.

You can apply this to any situation. We always have choice – to take action or to not take any action at all. Our survival self will always try and protect us from the unknown and will do whatever it takes to protect us, even if it means completely isolating us from the world. How can we recognise when this shows up in us and why?

Through my work at Stimulus, I want to help people especially women from ethnic minorities to realise that they have choice. Through asking powerful questions, coaching can help bring clarity of thought in a confidential and non-judgemental space.