My Reflection

"What I would tell my younger self."

by Yasmin Namaji

Yasmin is a lively and social individual who embraces life to the fullest. This 48-year-old extrovert finds joy in connecting with nature, whether it’s taking a leisurely walk or simply relaxing in the great outdoors. Born and raised in Chorley, Yasmin has a strong connection to her hometown and cherishes her friends and family. Let’s not forget about Messi; Yasmin’s beloved feline companion who brings joy to her daily life. Join Yasmin as she considers what she would tell her 12-year old self, having experienced life’s challenges and rewards as a British South Asian Muslim woman.

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As a South Asian Indian British Muslim woman who works and raises a family, I have had my fair share of struggles in life. But if I could go back in time and speak to my younger self, I would tell her that being an independent woman is an incredible journey worth taking.

I would tell her that the world may try to limit her potential because of her gender or her background, but she should never let anyone define her or her capabilities. 

Encouraging her to pursue her passions, to strive for her goals, and to never settle for anything less than what she deserves. I would tell her, being an independent woman means being self-sufficient, being able to make her own decisions, and being responsible for her own happiness. 

It means standing up for herself and her beliefs, and not being afraid to speak her mind. It also means learning to rely on herself and her own strength to navigate through life’s challenges.

I would remind her that being an independent woman also means being a role model for other young women, especially in the South Asian Indian British Muslim community. To show them that they too can break free from societal expectations and pave their own path in life.

I would tell her that being an independent woman is not easy.  There will be obstacles and challenges along the way. But I would also tell her these struggles will make her stronger; with hard work and determination, she can overcome anything.

I would tell her to always believe in herself, to never give up and to remember that there is no limit to what she can achieve. Being an independent woman is a constant journey. It is one that is full of possibilities and opportunities.


A reflection by Ruben Ireland

In conclusion, being an independent woman is not just about being able to take care of yourself. It’s also about being able to stand up for yourself and others, to be confident in your decisions and to empower other young women. It’s a challenging journey but one that is ultimately rewarding. 

I would tell my younger self to embrace it and to never give up on her dreams.


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