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Reclaim Your Power

Reclaim Your Power is a project that works with an individual to help them identify what they can't control, what they CAN control and what to do about it. Using tools that resonates with the individual. For example, the Regain Your Power canvas by Gustavo Razzetti or Fear Setting by Tim Ferris.

This is applicable to any individual in a personal or professional capacity. I have delivered this to individuals in the private, public and social sectors.

Gain an understanding of individual perspective | Tease out limiting beliefs | Identify what would happen if  no action is taken | Strip back to root cause to reveal aspirations | Create a realistic plan to achieve aspirations.

Gains clarity, focus, sense of achievement, becomes in control, able to change their narrative and realistic understanding of mindset. With tools to use lifelong.

Each individual is unique | Ane size does not fit all | Allow the conversation to flow organically | Trust in the process.

Business Health Checks

Business Health Checks was a project that was commissioned by Spring North Consortium to work with SME charities that had been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. The pandemic highlighted how charities were not prepared with business resilience, sustainability either due to their systems, processes, finances or people. They had no business continuity planning in place.

Social Sector - We worked with charities and social enterprises with varied purposes. For example, a charity that supported differently abled young people, a canal boat trust, a community social enterprise.

Initial self assessment conducted | Conversations with key stakeholder from the charity (Director, Chairman, CEO) | Identified strengths and gaps | Provided business advice and mentoring including charity governance | Supplied curated and relevant resources 

Clarity on what steps are needed to ensure organisation survives and thrives | Action plan developed focusing on what was critical e.g. finances to continue providing services, to pay bills | Key stakeholders felt supported as some didn't meet the eligibility criteria of the project.

Even if I don't know the answers I can find out | Key stakeholders have the answers, they need to be heard and supported, enough to stop the day to day (stuck in the detail) and look at the bigger picture (vision).

Independent - Race & Equality Panel

The Independent - Race & Equality Panel (I-REP) training was commissioned by a consortium to train their panel members on being confident and assertive in their role as an independent panel that will be working with and advising key stakeholders in the county, without getting defensive but holding their own using the Equality Act 2010 and evidence to inform their work.

While the panel is hosted by a third sector organisation, the organisations that will access their support can be from any sector.

Understood the profiles and backgrounds of the panel members to get the context | Developed the following training modules.

  • Module 1 - Know Yourself, Be Yourself 
  • Module 2 - Working With/ Through Others, Conflict Resolution/ Management 
  • Module 3 - Cultural Differences & it’s Impact, Equalities Act,  
  • Module 4 - Understanding Data, Harnessing the Power of Data/ Evidence. 

Training was delivered virtually every fortnight | The panel members that attended found the sessions unique and of value | The content was relatable and jargon free.

When people of varied backgrounds come together it is important to collectively agree expectations from each other.

Allow for technical issues when delivering training virtually.

In an adult learning environment, it is important to allow the individuals to take responsibility for their attendance and learning experience.

Unique Ingredients


Animas Qualified Coach, Quality professional through The Chartered Quality Institute, Project Management – PRINCE2 Practitioner, People Management


*A peer support group for professional women from minoritised and marginalised backgrounds, now a strand of Humraaz, Blackburn


Worked in the private and charity sector where resources and cost savings are crucial.

What Next?

Keeping my overall vision of making a difference to people and organisations at the forefront of my mind, I am always open to new partnerships, alliances, opportunities.