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Our Services

What we offer is unique (we know everyone says that about their services, just hear us out!) because we are brave to explore beyond the front we put on for our workplace, for our families and communities. We will work with you to face the parts that are messy and uncomfortable, so that you can be your authentic self. All this is done with sensitivity, compassion and honesty.  

All our services will comprise of one or a mixture of what we offer i.e., coaching, workshops, consultation and development of resources. 

This programme is focussed on developing and growing from existing resources individuals and organisations already have. 

Navigating change is challenging for individuals and organisations. It is difficult to manage change internally and externally. We will work with you to make enduring change that stakeholders will want to embrace. 

Our signature Leadership Programme “Still I Rise” is bespoke to women from ethnic minorities. Check our events page for details. (link to events) 

We can trial and run bespoke leadership programmes working with individuals and organisations to develop a programme that is in response to the needs of the recipients. For example, leadership programme for women with disabilities.

How to Hire Us?

For organisations, this will be the typical flow of work:
Step 1

Book a free 30-minute telephone consultation. (link to calendar)

Step 2

Mutual agreement to work together.

Step 3

We will assess need and provide comprehensive report.

Step 4

Decide way forward and stages of delivery of work.

Step 5

Implement, test and sign off stages.

For individuals:
Step 1

Book a free 30-minute telephone discovery session. (link to calendar)

Step 2

Come to a mutual agreement to work together.

Step 3

Agree coaching contract and start sessions.

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