"The course was beyond my expectations, the structure of the course was exceptionally great different stages and mind provoking conversation & activities, giving each individual a reflection of change they can make in personal and work life."

"The cost of the course is very reasonable, as all facilities provided are of top quality from the materials used in the course to the luxurious provided was amazing.The walk/hiking which was on the first day of us arriving straight away helped to connect to nature and started the journey from fresh air to fresh starts! "

"Still I Rise" is a leadership programme that focuses on understanding yourself and firming up your identity, thereby leading yourself.

Gift yourself this time to reflect and discover who you are and what is really important to you.

Gain clarity on what your limiting beliefs are and what to do about them. When we are confident in who we are, we can claim our place in life, knowing that we have the choice to lead others and perhaps organisations.

Leadership is a skill not a job title, anyone can be a leader. We must begin our leadership journey with ourselves.

"Beautiful venue, views were attractive, very relaxed atmosphere and great facilities, enjoyed everything about the venue. Location was not too far, easy to get to."

"Having a location away from home, in beautiful surroundings being "pampered" and "looked after" enabled me to feel I am worth this luxury. The beauty, nature, good food, fresh air and exercise all worked together to help the mind open up to the wonderful opportunities ahead and ultimately aid shifting mind sets which was needed. It opened up a view of new experiences which will leave lasting memories."

Still I Rise - Autumn 2022 in pics

Still I Rise - Spring 2022

Connecting with Nature

The Learning Space

Watching Limiting Beliefs Fade Away

Time to Reflect

Letting Go to Move Forward

Our Proof of Concept
Still I Rise - Autumn 2021

Connection Friendships for Life

Growth for Life

Luxury Venue

Food for the Soul

World Class Location

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