About Still I Rise

Just like moons and like suns, 

With the certainty of tides, 

Just like hopes springing high, 

Still I’ll rise. 

Still I Rise by Maya Angelou


Still I Rise® is a bespoke leadership training programme for BME women. It is now in its fifth iteration having been delivered to over 50 women since its inception in 2021. It has been sponsored and supported by Humraaz since its creation. It is a CPD-accredited two day residential which allows women to take a break from caring and other responsibilities to focus on themselves and their purpose-driven mission within the workplace. 

Named after the seminal poem on overcoming adversity by Maya Angelou, this programme embodies the hopes, dreams and resilience that is often the fruit of a difficult journey. We pay homage to the past while sailing towards a brighter future. See below for more details. 

Female Leadership Training based on Still I Rise®, our flagship Leadership Programme for professional women from minoritised backgrounds. This bespoke training explores: 

  1. Leading Self 
  • Understanding personal power  
  • Limiting beliefs and triggers 
  • Leadership styles 
  1. Leading Others 
  • Understanding source of influence and how to use it 
  • What to do when there’s no movement 
  • Having difficult conversations 
  1. Leading Organisations 
  • Moving from managing to leading 
  • Being visionary 
  • Asset based thinking 

We also offer bespoke design through engagement and consultancy as well as a number of add-ons including Male Allyship, Equity Diversity and Inclusion, Using Data Effectively, One-to-One Transformative Coaching, Online Modules to Reinforce Learning, ‘Consider, Communicate and Connective’ – our assertiveness workshop, Body Image and Team Building. If you have something else in mind not covered, get in touch and we’re sure we can spruce something up.

Still I Rise - Autumn 2022 in pics

Still I Rise - Spring 2022

Connecting with Nature

The Learning Space

Watching Limiting Beliefs Fade Away

Time to Reflect

Letting Go to Move Forward

Our Proof of Concept
Still I Rise - Autumn 2021

Connection Friendships for Life

Growth for Life

Luxury Venue

Food for the Soul

World Class Location

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